Stormsunder: Heirs of Ruin

Created by Lazy Squire Games

A story-based solo/cooperative RPG board game for 1-4 players with stunning miniatures, an epic adventure and exciting combat.

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Faefire Dragon Unlocked! Specializations! Exclamation Points!
17 days ago – Sun, Feb 14, 2021 at 03:55:40 PM

Hello, folks!

We’re going to keep this update relatively short/focused (as we had plenty of updates in January), so let’s get right to it!

The Faefire Dragon is Yours to Command!

The final results haven’t been posted, but it gosh darn sure looks like we made it into BGG’s 20 Most Anticipated Games of 2021! The Faefire Dragon will be added to all stretch goal boxes as our not-that-personal thank you. Enjoy!

I feel like I have this render on speed dial at this point.

Credit Card Charging 

We charged credit cards last week and though we ran into a few minor issues, it was mostly a successful endeavor. There is a small group of about 300 late pledge folks (anyone who pledged before we launched the PM at the beginning of September) that we were unable to charge because of an odd system issue. BackerKit is looking into it and those cards will be charged once it’s sorted out. If for some reason your card was declined, please be sure to check your payment information in BackerKit. BackerKit recommends we retry errors once a week, so we'll give them another go next week.

Wild Assent Backers

We added the free Faeyra miniatures to those who needed it (and ended up giving a $15 discount to people who had already added her, for my personal sanity). We also gave the $15 discount to the Wild Assent folks who completed their Nyere pledges. We ended up not adding the Wayward Squire expansion yet as it’s not coming until Wave 2.

Gameplay Spotlight – Specializations

Here and there we’ve mentioned that not all Stormsunder’s gameplay is in the demo/demo rulebook. An excellent example of that are Specializations, diverse sets of abilities that players choose for their heroes. Unlocked at level 6 (the highest level in Heirs of Ruin), there are a total of nine Specializations, but each class may only choose from a list of four. Specializations will continue into Bones of the Conquered and A Pharaoh’s Wrath, fleshing out your heroes’ ability deck with new and more powerful cards.

Here are the cards from three of Stormsunder’s Specializations, Close Quarters, Artillery and Taming:

I don't know how to Apply Shatter, but I can Sunder Nachos like nobody's business.

Tough may not seem like the strongest ability around, but keep in mind that many classes with access to Close Quarters often do not have any way to recover armor. 

I like to think the three images tell a story.

As its name suggests, artillery is for heroes who want to focus on ranged abilities, either to strengthen their existing arsenals or provide additional versatility. 

If you aren't saying "dawwww" to the Rescue card, I don't know if we can be friends anymore.

Taming lets your hero take their companion to the next level (figuratively), strengthening the bond between man and beast/creature/robot-thing. 

That's it for now! Until next time, we'll see you in the Storm (don't play Sunder Armor against the Storm in Stormsunder from your hand... That would be underhanded).

Free Mini in Peril and Credit Cards to be Charged Tomorrow
27 days ago – Wed, Feb 03, 2021 at 10:49:31 PM

Hello, folks!

Remember this guy:

Doesn't he look like he needs a home? Please give him a home (he's been chewing on my desk).

Well, at that moment he's still trapped in the digital realm because we are 30th in the running for BGG's 20 Most Anticipated Board Games of 2021. So, I'll make a deal with you. If we get 1250 votes (about 700 from where we are now), you'll get this guy whether or not we make it into the top 20. Also (also), if we get those 1250 votes, we'll show you another stretch goal you can unlock...

So, go >>>>>>>>>>here<<<<<<<<<< and do this:

Click the box, win a prize. Disclaimer: 700 other people must click the box to win the prize (it's like a Makatti pyramid scheme!).

We're Charging Credit Cards Tomorrow (February 3rd)

As we said before, tomorrow is the day (for completed pledges). Couple of side notes:

- We'll be looking for Wild Assent backers via email address to add their rewards/credits right before we charge. If you backed Wild Assent (Kickstarter or late pledge) and changed your email address, please reach out via Kickstarter private message). 

- The PM is not closing for Wave 1. We're just doing the first round of charges. If you're still undecided, you have until the summer.

That's it for now. We'll be back soon to talk about hero specializations (with cards!) and probably other stuff. Until then, we'll see you in the Storm (click the box to survive). 


The Great VAT and Vote
about 1 month ago – Sun, Jan 24, 2021 at 01:28:37 AM

Hello, folks!

(let's get started)

VAT VAT VAT (Everybody)

VAT is boring (and lately, awful) and it only affects about half of our backers, so we’re going to keep this short and sweet: We’re not going to charge EU and UK backers (Kickstarter or late pledge) anything extra for VAT for Wave 1, or anything for Wave 2 that folks get before we close the pledge manager permanently for Wave 1. Will we charge people VAT for Wave 2 stuff that is bought later? I honestly have no idea, nor will I until we’re start preparing the PM for Wave 2.

Ugh, even that was too much VATalk. Let’s get back to board games…

Vote Now! Wooo!

Thanks to your tireless efforts we have made it through the nomination process for BGG’s 20 Most Anticipated Games of 2021. We’re not out of the woods yet, though, and we still need your help! Vote for Stormsunder here so we can make it into the coveted final 20:  

>>>>>>>>>>>> Vote here, please. <<<<<<<<<<<<

Stormsunder is in the Overall, Fantasy and Miniatures categories; please check those shiny boxes for all three and click vote at the very bottom.

Your (other) votes are in, and with almost 50% of said vote, you selected the Faefire Dragon to be a new epic companion (assuming we get in that top 20 for Overall, of course). Here is the sculpt:

My daughter is very disappointed in all of you.

Speaking of companions…


We kind of skipped companions when talking about equipment, a decision that was mostly intentional (so we can talk about them now!). Companions can be a powerful addition to any hero’s equipment loadout, though as with the Lesser Phoenix, they aren’t always represented on the board. The Lesser Phoenix is considered a small companion, as it doesn’t have a Speed value identified on its card.

Two out of three pets are as likely to yell in their card art as they are to help you in battle.

The Chameleon and Faefire Dragon companions are considered medium, as they have a Speed value but no Health. They have a miniature on the board but are easily displaced by adversaries. They cannot be killed, however, and can contribute to flanking in addition to their normal skills.

Are there large companions, you ask? Not in Heirs of Ruin…

Taking Money from Pledge Manager on February 3rd

Just a reminder that we will be charging credit cards for all completed pledges soon (specifically, February 3rd). We were originally going to do it at the end of the month, but wanted to wait to post this update for the BGG voting, which was delayed by a week (we also wanted to give people plenty of a heads-up that the charge train was coming). If your pledge isn't finished, no worries, we'll pick you up when we're ready to close the PM for Wave 1. 

Masters - The Sequel

In our last update of 2020 we talked about being behind on a host of things, one of them being the miniatures taking longer to get sorted out than expected. Here are some of the results of that extra leg work, in the form of version 2 masters (V1 will always be on the left).

Jaden got back (from the manufacturer a second time).

Notice the deeper details on all of Jaden's armor plating and wing thingies (technical term).

Feilheim and Feilheim: the Sequel.

Feilheim's headpiece and his axe are the greatest benefactors of the second round of fixes. The V2 really shows off the woodgrain and runes.

Twice the Wynter, twice the missing gold.

As you can see, Wynter's tray table (sword handle) has been returned to its upright and locked position. 

Hey look, Davor brought a spare.

Cuts can be a difficult part of the miniature process and the way Davor's head/neck-thingy (also technical term) looked didn't set well with us. Gustavo extended the fur of his cloak a tad, which makes the V2's cut on the right look more natural and less noticeable.

That's it for now (Vote!), until next time, we'll see you in the Storm (beware the VAT Beast, he has to show  up eventually).


Stretch Goal Unlocked (New Miniature), BGG and More!
about 2 months ago – Fri, Jan 15, 2021 at 12:17:09 AM

Hello, folks,

In the swirling maelstrom that was the holidays, we didn’t really have time to reflect on the progress of Stormsunder and its campaign, the late pledge, and well, our company as a whole. There’s no doubt 2020 was challenging for pretty much everyone, but it also ushered in some pretty big (and good) changes for Lazy Squire Games as well. So, while riding that high, we’ve decided we want to give back. How will we do that, you ask? Random Stretch Goals, that’s how.

You mistakenly unlocked a Stretch Goal. Way to go, Rando.

Sir Luther Kent has been around for quite a while, but up until now his fate had been sealed. I’m not going to say you saved him, because that decision has yet to be made (by each of you, as you play Stormsunder), but you have opened the possibility that he can be saved, which is more than he had in 2020. We’ll be adding Sir Luther’s miniature to the stretch goal box, meaning every backer (Kickstarter or late pledge) will get him for free. I don’t want to get too far into his story or purpose, but his card is pretty illuminating all by itself:

Sir Luther is as surprised as anyone that he's still alive.

You’ll note he is an adversary. If you didn’t already know, we were very careful when it came to the terminology on the hero and adversary cards, and Sir Luther Kent is a good example of why. Yes, he is an adversary, but barring disaster he isn’t the heroes’ enemy. Encounters in Stormsunder may incorporate more than one faction, allowing the players to choose who to help (or who to kill). These competing factions will often be set against each other, meaning they may target each other rather than the heroes.

Will we have more Random Stretch Goals? That’s a good question. We’ll have to see how things go in 2021, but it always pays to be prepared…

Inali listened to the commercials and drank her milk...

BoardGameGeek’s 20 Most Anticipated Games of 2021

BGG is running their annual competition to determine what board game is most likely to be named prom king/queen (I think). Well, if I’m being honest with myself, I think we all would like Stormsunder to be prom king or queen. That said, we *are* Lazy Squire Games and understand if folks don’t want to click a link and then click the thumbs up icon on Stormsunder’s post here:

If the thumbs up button is green, click it. C'mon, click it!

We get it. So, to get folks motivated, we’ve decided to offer something to sweeten the deal. If Stormsunder makes it through the nomination process (ending January 16th) for the Overall category (top 60ish) and finishes in the whole competition in the top 20, we’ll add a new pet to the stretch goal box for all backers (see below). Bribes are perfectly legit in this competition (I checked) so do your part for free cute plastic.

Vote (but Push the Button First)!

Vote in the comments of this update (not the general comments, please) for which pet you would like to see if Stormsunder makes it into the coveted top 20:

My daughter will be very disappointed if you don't pick A, FYI.


We promised to go over equipment at some point, so here it is! We won’t do an exhaustive look, but we wanted to show off cards that weren’t in the demo, and there’s no better place to begin than with starting equipment:

How Vanessa still has that hat is the true mystery of the Storm.

Each hero begins the game with three pieces of exclusive starting equipment. They are all considered unique and cannot be equipped by other heroes. Vanessa’s crossbow may be weaker than the ones she can find later in the game, but it still knocks a punch. If either of those two green (physical) dice land on a “Special” she knocks her target away from her.

Not much left of Quell's robes. I blame zombie moths.

Notice how Vanessa’s gear is less powerful than Quell’s; that’s intentional. Quell can be recruited much later in Heirs of Ruin, meaning her equipment needs a bit of a boost so she is viable out of the gate (also, what’s a game without power creep?). Quell’s Headdress especially may be difficult to give up, as it not only gives her two armor, but makes her attacks more powerful once her enemies have chipped away all her armor.

I wonder how you can get Guard Captain Belar's sword? Can he lose it in a game of Sabaac?

Here we have some more unique equipment, this time cards that can be found throughout the world (some, only available based on player decisions). Unlike starting equipment, regular unique equipment is often incredibly powerful, but also carrying hefty stat requirements (Belar’s Greatsword is great if you can get it, but good luck with that 12 Strength requirement). Lazlek’s Supplies has an active that is also an exhaust, meaning an AP cost must be paid (in this case, 4) but also that it can only be used once per encounter.

My Grandfather's father was a blacksmith. True story.

Finally, let’s talk about sets. Sets are a small group of equipment (usually 2-3) that unlock special skills if you manage to equip enough of them. The Grandfather set may be difficult to put together, but if you pull it off you will get a hefty +2 BD to all your hero’s attacks, as the set bonuses are additive.


Lastly, we’re (I’m) a little behind again on correspondence, emails especially. I’ve blocked a nice chunk of my day tomorrow to clear everything out, so if you haven’t heard back about something, please be patient for a day or two (after that assume I missed it and fire away).

That’s it for now! We’ll be back soon with another update on the pet contest and some random game mechanic I haven’t chosen yet. Until then, we’ll see you in the Storm (Inali gives it a thumbs up, so should you).

UK Backers – Read this Update Now; Plus State of the Game
2 months ago – Tue, Dec 29, 2020 at 11:20:07 PM

Hello folks,

Let's not waste time:

UK Backers to Be Charged on December 31st

More than a little last minute here, but I’m sure you’re aware of the new UK VAT rules that will take effect on January 1st, 2021 (You can see the changes here

This excerpt is the most relevant for Stormsunder (bolding mine):

Transactions before 1 January 2021

The new rules will apply to all sales that have a time of supply for VAT purposes of 1 January 2021 or later.

For example, if an order is placed and payment received from the customer on 31 December 2020 then the new rules will not apply, even if dispatch and delivery take place after 1 January 2021. Therefore, for imports the consignment will remain subject to import VAT (unless it is below the Low Value Consignment Relief threshold of £15) and supply VAT should not be charged. For goods already in the UK at the time of supply the VAT liability will remain with the seller rather than the OMP.

So, unless we’re crazy over here, it sounds like we (you) can avoid the new VAT for Stormsunder, for Wave 1 at least, if we charge you before January 1st. So, barring uproarious objection, that is exactly what we plan to do. If you are a UK backer and have finalized your pledge (entered payment and address info, etc), we will charge your credit card on December 31st. If you are in the UK and do not want your card charged, please send us a private message via Kickstarter immediately. If you haven't finalized your pledge, but need to, please do that as soon as possible.

State of the Game

Since the end of 2020 is rapidly approaching, we’ve taken a long hard look this month at every aspect of Stormsunder’s development and production and if we can realistically meet Wave 1’s fulfillment month of May 2021. Unfortunately, I just don’t see that as possible. There isn’t one answer to the simple question of “why” (trust me, I’d love to just say “COVID” and call it a day), but a myriad of obstacles, unplanned issues and events that have stacked up or dragged our attention away and pushed most of what we needed to accomplish this year back in one way or another. I’ll go further into detail below, but the summary is we’re delaying until November 2021. So, with that said, where is Stormsunder actually at?


Sculpting was finished shortly after the campaign (and the Villains and Civilians shortly after that), but that’s not the end of the story for producing Stormsunder’s miniatures (and Stormsunder has a *ton* of miniatures). We’ve spent an inordinate amount of time optimizing the tiniest of details for each miniature. It’s painfully slow work, but our efforts have been rewarded with highly-detailed masters that we look forward to seeing our manufacturer turn into gorgeous production miniatures. The original samples we received for Lady Renata and Capac were fantastic, but over the past few months we’ve learned a lot on how to enhance details even further, promising the final result will be something truly special. Check out what Nikolas of NRM Paint did with both below (and just imagine what they will look like once our lead sculptor enhances their details).

Capac is yelling about something. Probably the sun blinding him as it reflects off his armor.
Nothing is quite as sinister as a former angel perched atop a ruined pillar in a city of vampires.

Nikolas was also kind enough to make a tutorial for Capac, showing how to make metallic gold with non-metallic paint  here. You can see Nikolas's other work here:

Capac is showing off.

Anyway, we divided Heirs of Ruin into three batches. You’ve already seen masters for the first two; we’re working on better optimizing them as well as using our newly earned knowledge to finalize batch three. Each batch has been quicker than the last (and the much-easier terrain accounts for a large percentage of what remains after the core game), so, while we are more behind than we’d like, we are still in good shape.

Campaign Book

The campaign book is made up of several categories that have their own sections, including illustrations and testing, but we’ll focus on the narrative here. Heirs of Ruin’s plot and web of paths (and where those paths lead to encounters) has long since been mapped and much of the actual narrative has been written for it. I say “much” instead of “most” as when I actually get to a particular section of the story, there are often new paths that present themselves, so there is more than a little creep. That doesn’t necessarily mean the campaign book will exceed our 300-page estimate, only that there is only so much you can outline out of such a massive undertaking. The campaign book will always be our biggest obstacle to finishing Stormsunder (after testing, of course), and it has been the greatest victim of delays and therefore will be the greatest benefactor of additional time.


Pretty much all of Stormsunder’s core rules were finished before we launched the campaign, with a few notable exceptions and a couple of unannounced spoiler-ific twists. The big hurdle was (and still is) designing the remaining equipment, adversaries, stretch goal heroes, etc, that were not part of the massive demo we put together. We expect the last bit of this to be done in January, thankfully, so we’re in great shape for this part.


Our illustrator has been pumping out illustrations at breakneck speed, but just like miniatures, Stormsunder has *a lot* of illustrations. For example, there are almost 300 unique illustrations for equipment alone. Our illustrator has recently been focused on finishing each card type one by one, beginning with the hero/adversary illustrations (which are now all done; you can see the ones we haven’t shown before below). Some of the illustrations were unplanned (we had originally intended to have fewer equipment illustrations, for example), while others have just taken longer than we had hoped (character illustrations, especially).


Like I said, COVID is an easy scapegoat for a late Kickstarter, but when it comes to testing, I’m fine blaming the thing that ruined 2020. Our internal testing is well behind where we wanted it to be this year. That said, we’re steadily approaching the point where we want to start limited backer testing (we’ve already selected a group), which we will likely begin in February, with a broader sample of folks in April. COVID kind of kept pushing us away from our plans to hire additional testers, so we have instead focused our efforts on developing some rudimentary software to streamline things. Appsunder (which absolutely no one is calling it) will be easier for us to use and update than Tabletopia or Tabletop Simulator while also allowing us to create any number of encounter setups that can be easily accessed. This will make online testing much more efficient, which is necessary in our post-human contact world.

Pledge Manager and Wave 2

This is more about our plans than delays now. For the pledge manager, we’re semi-firm on charging folks' cards at the end of January (on or around the 29th, so consider this the announcement). That said, we know there are folks who are still on the fence (Wild Assent backers, specifically) and since we’re delaying delivery of Wave 1 until November, that means we don’t have a pressing need to close the PM, so we won’t. So, to review, we’ll be charging cards at the end of January and again when we decide to close the pledge manager (not the same cards, mind you).

You may have noticed I didn’t mention Wave 2’s fulfillment and that was totally intentional. It’s safe to assume it will be at least six months late, but I don’t want to make any declarations this far out (six months late for Wave 2 would be September 2022, which is difficult to fathom at the moment).

Anyway, this update was a lot different than originally planned, so we’ll cover equipment in our next update in January. I’ll be around in the comments (after dinner) if you have any questions or concerns. 

Until next time, we hope you have a safe and Happy New year and we’ll see you in the Storm (its New Year’s resolution is to be less of a wallflower).