Stormsunder: Heirs of Ruin

Created by Lazy Squire Games

A story-based solo/cooperative RPG board game for 1-4 players with stunning miniatures, an epic adventure and exciting combat.

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Pledge Manager Launch, Languages and More!
26 days ago – Sat, Aug 29, 2020 at 02:55:25 AM

Hello, folks!

I hope you are ready for a massive update, because we have all sorts of things to talk about, including the Pledge Manager, all four language partners, character art galore and an inside look at the nuts and bolts of character creation for Stormsunder. Let’s do it!

Pledge Manager Launching Soon

The Stormsunder pledge manager will be launching “soon.” I can’t guarantee you’ll get your email today (and if you’re overseas, you might already be in bed), but soon! We’ve got two issues outstanding that I’m trying to sort out with BackerKit: shipping costs for Kickstarter backers (which BackerKit should be doing an upload for in the next few hours) and confirmation that the language options for pledges are set up correctly. Once that is sorted out, we’ll be doing a stress test to a small number of backers, so don’t worry if some folks get their emails and you haven’t received yours yet (BackerKit sends out 5%, makes sure we didn’t blow anything up, then sends the rest).

When you do get your email, just a helpful tip if you want to upgrade your pledge as it’s easy to miss: Click the link below the giant green button when you start as seen below.

Please don't email Tester Domestic, he's a very private person.

Stuff Old & New

So, what’s available during the pledge manager? Everything you could get during the campaign, as well as the three mini boss boxes we talked about last update (now called Villains & Civilians I, II & III), additional dice, bunches of lots of sleeves and a two-tone painting option we are calling “Stormbrush”


We’re offering Wave 1 ($129) & Wave 2 ($149) Stormbrush, which covers all the minis we’re currently offering in those waves. We tried to keep this as simple as possible, so if you don’t have all the minis for a particular wave (say, you don’t get The Faceless expansion in Wave 2), you are paying for paint that won’t be used. Here are the first samples our manufacturer has given us:

Looks like Lady Renata stayed out in the Storm a little too long.
Capac lookin' dusty.
It's like a weird dance party. Put your left wing in, take your right foot out, fly the Altekhan in the air and shake him all about...

Villains & Civilians I

Mini bosses and collateral damage from Heirs of Ruin, the box costs $49 and includes 26 miniatures across 18 sculpts. We have all the renders now; you can see them at the bottom of this update.

There are no civilians pictured. I guess they didn't make it.

Villains & Civilians II

Mini bosses and unintended victims from Bones of the Conquered, the box costs $49 and includes 26 miniatures across 15 sculpts. We have all the renders now; you can see them at the bottom of this update.

Xeleron steals the show here, box and sculpt.

Villains & Civilians III

Mini bosses and Aleksandra playthings from A Pharaoh’s Wrath, the box costs $49 and includes 26 miniatures across 15 sculpts. We have all the renders now; you can see them at the bottom of this update.

Why is the rum gone, you ask? Monkeys.


Like Stormbrush, we have two sleeve packs: Wave 1 ($59) and Wave 2 ($109). We increased the total number of cards (since we never really talked about how many cards Stretch Goal heroes, etc were adding), so Wave 1 will have 1881 sleeves and Wave 2 will have 2803. The sleeves are 100 micron, for folks who know what that means.

Sleeving Stormsunder is going to take some time, no lie. Still doing it.

Additional Dice

For $15 you can get 20 more dice (six of each of the three attack dice and two more fate dice).

The dice won't look like they do on the box *or* in the renders in front of it. What kind of shady operation are we running over here?


Here are all the boxes for the things we had during the campaign, but didn’t have boxes for:

Elise looking heroic as ever. You know, after she fled Tarpitt.
Faeyra is last in titans, but first in our hearts.
In some ways, I'm more excited about this box than any other...
The path ahead for Lady Aylwen and Phelt is not an easy one, but they walk it anyway.
Faceless, huh? Then how come I can see your eye?

The Nyere Pledge

We’ve added a new pledge level. I won’t call it an all-in because its missing a couple of things (which I will explain), but it does include a nice discount and lets people skip what we assume some won’t want. For $623, you get these items:

  • Stormsunder: Heirs of Ruin (Wave 1)
  • Heirs of Ruin 3D Terrain Pack (Wave 1)
  • Stormsunder: Bones of the Conquered (Wave 2)
  • Stormsunder: A Pharaoh's Wrath (Wave 2)
  • Stretch Goal Box (Wave 1)
  • Wayward Squire Expansion (Wave 2)
  • The Faceless Expansion (Wave 2)
  • Villains and Civilians I (Wave 1)
  • Villains and Civilians II (Wave 2)
  • Villains and Civilians III (Wave 2)
  • Stormsunder Artbook (Wave 2)
  • Additional Dice Set (Wave 1)

The same items will cost you $684 if you add them separately. Here’s what’s not in the pledge:

  • Elise, the Lost Princess (Wave 1)
  • Faeyra, the Last Titan (Wave 1)
  • Stormsunder Graphic Novel (Wave 2)
  • Wave 1 Stormbrush (Wave 1)
  • Wave 2 Stormbrush (Wave 2)
  • Wave 1 Sleeves (Wave 1)
  • Wave 2 Sleeves (Wave 2)

The first three are because they were available during the Kickstarter campaign at some point for free, and we’re looking to not step on any toes. We also didn’t offer the Stormbrush or Sleeves in the pledge as some will want one or both of those or none at all.

Shipping Cost and Wave Changes

Now that we have a manufacturer (and said manufacturer has given us box dimensions and weight estimates), we can talk about accurate shipping prices. First things first, however, we’re going to change how Stormsunder will be fulfilled. During the campaign we said folks could choose to split their pledge (if applicable) into one or two waves, with the idea being that folks could save on shipping. Well, it turns out there isn’t a discount at all (our boxes are too big for that), and logistically its going to be a nightmare to hang on to folks’ Wave 1 stuff for a year while we work on Wave 2. Boxes could get damaged or misplaced and it just seems altogether like a bad idea in retrospective. We polled the Discord and no one seemed interested in 1-wave shipping anyway, so I think we’re safe in making this decision, but I apologize if anyone was set on waiting.

Anyway, here are the shipping costs for Wave 1, in all their glory. We won’t be charging shipping for Wave 2 until we re-open the pledge manager in 2021 (after Wave 1 ships) as we don’t want to hang on to (or be taxed on) money we can’t spend. The safest hands are your own, after all. Please note that these shipping costs are for Heirs of Ruin; any add-ons will increase the cost (Faeyra and Elise are free, however, regardless of whether you paid for them or not):

  • USA / EU / UK / Australia / New Zealand / China / Hong Kong - $49
  • Canada – $57
  • Norway / Switzerland - $77
  • Rest of Asia (Japan / South Korea / Malaysia / Philippines / Singapore / Taiwan / Thailand / Vietnam) - $83
  • Everywhere Else – $149


We are happy to announce the translators for all four languages. We’ll let them introduce themselves in their own words:

  • French - Funforge

Funforge is a well-known international publisher, producing high-quality games since 2008. We have published dozens of games worldwide, and our titles have received many awards. We are working with numerous suppliers and partners in the USA, in Europe, and in Asia for many years, and the quality of our games is internationally recognized. Also, after 5 successfully fulfilled Kickstarter campaigns from which we learned a lot, and hundreds of thousands of games delivered to distributors and retailers, manufacturing and shipping are a well-known story for us.

  • German – TL Games

We are passionate boardgamers and support foreign publishers in bringing their games to the table and to the player in German-speaking countries. In doing so, we attach great importance to our partners growing together with us and working together in a sustainable manner.

We are a small family business, supported by dear friends to realize our ideas and visions. The focus lies on the players and the games themselves.

  • Italian – Raven Distribution

Active in Italy for more than 10 years, Raven Distribution has managed to create an editorial and distribution reality never equaled by any other company in the sector.

Born from the desire to work well, spread the game and expand the playful landscape, it is still at the top of the sales charts with successes of the caliber of Munchkin, C'Era Una Volta, Zombi !!!, Dead of Winter, Mice and Mystics, Kult, Vampires La Masquerade, Werewolves the Apocalypse and Call of Cthulhu .

Always specialized in the professional and effective localization of card, table and role-playing games, Raven Distribution is, at the present time, the only one in Italy to operate with all large and small companies in the sector, allowing retailers and end users to satisfy any of their wishes with a simple "click".

  • Spanish – Last Level Games

Last Level Games is a Spanish publisher from Sevilla. With 10 years of experience in the distribution of Games and Merchandising, Last Level jumped into the publishing of games under its label in 2016.

With the intention of creating a varied catalog for all players, Last Level Games has collaborated with major publishers to bring cutting-edge games such as Chronicles of Crime, Outlive, Vikings Gone Wild, Cthulhu Wars, Gugong, Hostage Negotiator, Black Rose Wars, Village Attacks and many more.

In addition, Last Level Games is committed to games created in Spain, featuring titles with great public acceptance such as Boom Party, Sencha, Kai-Zen or the most recent Trick or Boo.

Stormsunder Preview (including in-hand plastic minis)

We sent Crabbok the plastic Lady Renata and Capac we've shown and he made a preview video out of it. He also shows off the fancy cards we put in the box, which have a bit of story on them. Check it out:

Hero and Adversary Art

Our artist has been hard at work fleshing out all the colorful characters in the world of Stormsunder. If you watched some of the gameplay videos we did during the campaign, you’ll certainly recognize some of these, but there are ones I hadn’t even seen, so I’m sure they will be new to you.

Scrolling, scrolling, scrolling... Scrolling...

Anatomy of a Hero

We thought we’d pull the curtain back a bit and talk about how we design the heroes for Stormsunder. Keep in mind that we’re going to be dissecting numbers that may change by the time the game is produced, but at least you can see where we started (and no doubt spot some influence). For this feature, we’re going to take a look at Vanessa, a Human Survivalist.

  • Statistics

Each hero has six statistics: Strength, Perception, Agility, Spirit, Vitality and Charisma. We won’t go much into them right now (most folks are likely pretty familiar with what they represent anyway). The important thing to note is that a hero without shape or form has 3 for each of these statistics, as well 10 points to assign as they wish. Statistic increases cost 1 point until 10, which costs 2 points, and then 3 points starting with 15. Fledgling heroes also have 5 Hit Points and 2 Speed.

All heroes also have 7 Standard ability cards to form the basis for their ability deck: Punch, First Aid, Teamwork, Take a Breather, Throw Rock, Self-Preservation, and Dash.

Teamwork is the best Standard card. Fight me.
  • Race

Vanessa is Human, or at least human enough. This grants her +5 Hit Points and +1 Speed, as well as +1 for each statistic. Humans also get to choose from one of three Human race cards: Sympathetic, Determined or Resolute (Vanessa is Determined).

Resolute guy looks like he just found out they were out of nachos.
  • Faction

Vanessa is one of the last surviving members of the Nyere, an ancient guild of men and women gifted with an unerring sense of direction. The Nyere are explorers, adventurers and heroes, using their power to map uncharted realms and to find relics thought to be lost forever. From a gameplay perspective, Nyere is Vanessa’s faction, which grants her +2 Perception at level 1 as well as granting her access to the Luck of the Nyere ability card.

This seems less like luck and more like poor aim.
  • Class

Vanessa a is Survivalist, a class focusing on ranged damage. Each class has statistic requirements; a Survivalist must have 5 Strength, 7 Perception, 7 Agility and 6 Vitality. Choosing this class grants heroes +6 Hit Points and +2 Speed. Survivalists start the game with five class ability cards: Explosive Shot, Heavy Shot, Volley, Support Fire and Premeditation.

Premeditation takes it a little dark and I'm okay with that.

Survivalists also get the Marked for Death default Skill:

Vanessa Von Brandt, Heir of Ruin.
  • Math

We’ve shown all the pieces to create a character, so let’s see how we get to Vanessa at level 1:

If you're into this sort of thing, you're probably happy. If you're not, you scrolled quickly past this.

Pretty easy, huh? Leveling a hero adds more stat points, new and upgraded abilities as well as some other stuff we didn’t cover here (like Signature Skills, Equipment Slots, etc). We do all of this behind the scenes for you (leveling Vanessa to level 2 is as easy as flipping over her card and grabbing her new Ability cards), but because the system is there… We can look at expanding its scope and maybe even offering character creation and/or customization for folks in the future.

That’s it for now. Below are all the Villain & Civilian sculpts, if you are interested. Until next time, we’ll see you in the Storm (it’s in the campaign book; I checked).

Villains & Civilians I

There's Lady Nadja, shooting those invisible arrows again.
Lady Draga, the kind of person who would definitely not train a Council-Aide how to fight.
Lord Matic, graduating from the University of Dramatic Poses.
Lady Vesna, about to throw down with a kid from Queens.
Laz'lek found something awful-tasting in the trash. You should try it.
Myrmidite Champion, doing his champion-like things, I guess.
Emilija has lots of things to sell, and not all of them are legal.
When Ho-Tem Ra needs some killin' done, there's only one man he calls (plus, you know that whole army he has).
Pretty sure this is Taumet... I'm really tired. He looks like a Taumet, right?
Sure, the Desert Lion is scary, but you know who wears the (and yet doesn't wear any) pants in the family.
Guard Captain Belar doing some squats. Gotta keep limber; trouble's a brewin'.
Florian Roth is the hero Tarpitt deserves.
Ja-Ja the Ravenous, are those even your eggs?
This guy was next in line to become Unsated Alpha because of a complicated hierarchical structure... I'm kidding, he eats other Unsated that annoy him.
A citizen of Tarpitt, clutching her pearls at humans not in chains.
Just because you're undead doesn't mean you can't be dandy.
Her vampire masters stole her freedom and her clothes (apparently).
The ball & chain seems a tad excessive.

Villains & Civilians II

Fie'gal is the kind of guy you don't want knocking on your door at 3 am.
Wrapth'dar the Collector has the most eclectic assortment of plush toys in that coffin on his back.
Zoriah does not care for your lack of nachos. She does not care for, indeed!
General Kojima is happy to see you. You look delicious.
When he's not summoning demons to our world, the High Priest of the Ruined Horn likes to listen to Disco and reminisce about his college football years.
I mean, wow. Dude is awesome. Well played, people, well played.
The Retann Quartermaster has got what you need.
If your warden looks like this, maybe stay in your cell.
Xeleron used to date Faeyra in high school, but they broke up.
General Zoran Kos doesn't need two arms, he needs gas money. And a car.
A chieftain of one is still a chieftain, but it doesn't look as good on your resume.
Kantarak Damned if you do, damned if you don't
Kantarak is having none of this demon business.
Nothing like a morning hike through your demon-invested city, eh?
Hey buddy. Don't leave your post. *snicker*
Tarpitt is starting to look pretty nice, isn't it?

Villains & Civilians III

Rebecca Coste would do anything to protect Irynnath, even if Irynnath would do anything to kill her.
Grit Morta is a Sandskimmer captain and a Virgo.
Yaku Atoc and Capac have an interesting relationship. They *SPOILER REDACTED*
The High Priestess of Irynnath is the spiritual leader of her people and an avid skee-ball player.
Altekhan Juggernauts are pretty chill after a battle, or so I'm told.
Zakarhet runs Mokatta when Ho-Tem Ra is not around. He's like the Assistant Manager of the Apocalypse.
No, Iolaus! Don't cut off another head!
First rule of Myrmidite fight club? No one talks about Myrmidite fight club.
The Myrmidites call him "Sandswimmer" but I call him "Why I won't see you in the Storm."
The Witchblood Abomination otherwise known as "Steve."
They call Nnamdi "the Hewer" and it's not because he forgets peoples' names.
Our pirates are the best. There's not one I don't like.
Hey hey, they're the monkeys... Yeah, I'm running out of steam here. I can't feel my fingers!
This guy is so freaking great.
I wanted to stop typing captions, and my prayers were answered.

Pledge Manager Launch and Mini Boss Boxes
about 2 months ago – Sat, Aug 01, 2020 at 02:36:00 AM

Hello, folks!

We've got some exciting news today, so let's get right to it:

Manufacturer for Stormsunder

After what feels like an eternity, we've finally chosen our manufacturer! It's manufacturer 3, for those that were keeping track. Manufacturer 3 gave us by far the best plastic samples, showing an incredible amount of detail while staying true to our sculpts. Their printed components are top notch as well, and considering how much of Stormsunder will be paper/cards/punchboard, that's also an important factor. We plan to send out some samples to folks (YouTube-like people, etc) so you can get some 3rd-party feedback about the quality. Keep in mind that what we're sending out includes none of our changes (they're not optimized, etc). What does that mean? Well, it means that what you get will be at least that quality, but probably better. 

Capac! There's a vampire-angel right behind you!

Now that we've picked a manufacturer, the data is rolling in (size and weight of boxes, discussions about sleeves and dice, etc), which means we're just about ready to launch that PM thing all the cool kids are talking about.

Pledge Manager Launch 

The pledge manager for Stormsunder will launch on August 27th, 2020. It's a little later than we predicted, but that's related to the time we took to pick our manufacturer. Anyway, that's pretty much it for this section, though don't sleep on the rest of the update as it's all more or less related to the PM.

Wave 1 Changes

As part of our efforts to get all the requirements, sculpts, etc. to the manufacturers for quotes, we discovered an issue with our plans for Wave 1. The short version is that the Lazy Squire and Faceless expansions are moving to Wave 2. Both expansions will be part of the entire campaign and, unlike the stretch goals (where we can cheat), they are self-contained. We don't want to be in a situation where we are trying to balance A Pharaoh's Wrath (for example) based on the endgame portion of the Faceless expansion, which we wouldn't be able to change if we already printed/delivered it. 

So, Wave 1 will be:

  • Heirs of Ruin
  • Heirs of Ruin Terrain Pack
  • Elise, the Lost Princess
  • Faeyra, the Last Titan
  • Stretch Goal Miniature Box
  • The Heirs of Ruin Mini Boss Box 

What's that last one? I'm glad you asked...

Mini Boss Box Add-Ons

Stormsunder has a lot of characters throughout the story, many that have cards but don't have miniatures. You may not even fight with some of these one-off villains and allies, so it was hard to justify putting a mini for them in the box. Some of them made it in as strech goals (like Davor and Lord Gregor), but there were plenty more. Currently, they use their character card (with a unique illustration and skills) and a substitute miniature. It works great but we *really* wanted these characters to be available (especially the rest of the vampire high council, since folks were asking for them).

Our solution is the three mini boss boxes, one for each game/expansion. They will be in the pledge manager for $49 each. We don't have the sculpts finished for all of them, but a little bit below is a taste of what each box will contain (we'll have more to show by the time the PM launches as well as exact sculpt/miniature numbers). Since these boxes will only contain miniatures, they will be "language-neutral." They are also 100% not required to play/enjoy Stormsunder. The characters are already in the game boxes; this just makes them fancier.

The mini boss boxes will also replace the cardboard tokens we have for civilians. Civilians are bystanders and (in some cases) combatants with simple AI for the heroes to protect (or slaughter) depending on the scenario and your party's temperament. I don't think we've talked much about civilians, as they are a spoilerific part of Stormsunder and there for some very important story events.

Anyway, that's it for us for now. We're going to start having more frequent updates as we start locking things down and showing off what we've been working on as we lead up to production and fulfillment. I'll be around in the comments if you have any questions or concerns; until then, we'll see you in the Storm (don't ask the Desert Lioness for directions)!


Heirs of Ruin Mini Bosses

Lady Nadja once a shot man, just to watch him die (in fact, she does that most days).
Lady Draga is kind of like a Valentine's day mini boss. She wants your heart.
Lady Vesna doesn't need to walk on her feet; she has an app for that.
Laz'lek has made quite a bit of money since the Storm came, and he's spent most of it on collectible spoons.
Taumet is one of Ho-Tem Ra's strongest lieutenants. He's also great at celebrity impressions.
General Jatif leads Ho-Tem Ra's armies. Where is he leading them? Why, they're going straight to MESSAGE REDACTED.
The Desert Lioness is generally more capable than the average Desert Lion because when she's lost in the Storm, she's willing to stop and ask for directions.
It is said that Guard Captain Belar sharpens his sword every day. He's also fond of crosswords.
The less I say about Florian Roth, the less likely I am to mention about his MESSAGE REDACTED... Aw, c'mon!
Just a Tarpitt citizen, living her best unlife.
The survivors of the fall of Tarpitt either became vampires or their food. They weren't exactly given a choice on which, either.
Another Tarpitt Thrall. I'd make a joke here, but they're kind of like sad zombies. Shouldn't you heroes be doing something about that?
Emilija runs a shop in Tarpitt. She has quite an assortment of wares, but the prices can be bloody ridiculous.
My notes say this guy's name is "Myrmidite Champion." Will his name stay that way? Who knows!

Bones of the Conquered Mini Bosses

I'm not going to name all the demons here, just know that their mothers picked out the perfect monikers that show their truly tender sides.
Kama, Kama, Kama, Kama, Kama She-Deeeemmonnnn.
For the guy who never needs to be told, "Keep your fork, there's pie."
A Minotaur Chieftain once tried to walk through a revolving door at a restaurant. The fire department had to pull him out.
This guy says to himself, he says, "This world needs more demons," and by golly, he stuck with it until he fixed that problem.
Probably killed Harrison Ford's wife, but Tommy Lee Jones will tell him "I don't care!"

A Pharaoh's Wrath Mini Bosses

Captain Grit Morta has a cannon-pistol. Maybe don't cut in line when he's hangry for some curly fries.
Is that an axe on your rifle, or are you just happy to see me?
Yaku Atoc is pronounced "Yak-wuh Ah-tuck," in case you were curious.
Rebecca Coste is... well she is, and lets not talk about MESSAGE REDACTED.
I'm not saying he chased Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward around the desert, I'm just saying he could. You know, if he wanted to.
When you want "to sword," but with some Altekhan flavor, look no further.

A Lazy Squire Approaches...
3 months ago – Sun, Jul 05, 2020 at 01:02:52 AM

Hello, folks!

We just wanted to stop by and let you know we haven't forgotten about you. There's not a lot to report at the moment; we should have the 4th manufacturer samples this week (the box made it to Tennessee, so that's some progress) so we're agonizingly close to finally picking a manufacturer. We've been working on getting the Pledge Manager ready in the meantime, but there's not much to say about that at the moment.

What we *do* have are some fancy new sculpts to show, from the Wayward Squire expansion. The expansion includes two wayward heroes: Lady Aylwen the knight and Phelt the squire, as well as Phelt's immovable summon, Frank. Lady Aylwen and Phelt have had a bit of a hard time of late; they were teleported to another world, and no sooner did they escape only to find themselves on yet another, in the middle of a harsh desert during an endless Storm... Lady Aylwen and Phelt will have their own separate side story you can embark upon during your travels, as you do your part to finally (maybe) get the two back home. 

Lady Aylwen is a threat on any world.
And Phelt, well, Phelt means well.
Frank is Phelt's most trusted retainer, a warrior of infinite bravery and patience.

That's all for now! Until next time, we'll see you in the Storm (Frank will keep an eye out for you). 


More Production-Quality Miniatures and the Design-A-Hero Contest Winner
4 months ago – Sat, Jun 06, 2020 at 12:42:12 AM

Hello, folks!

We're back with more pretty pictures, so let's get right into it:


The Design-A-Hero contest was ridiculously close. I'd tell you how close, but I figured out who won last month and there is no way I am counting again. Anyway, after the dust settled, the Myrmidite Outcast was the winner!

The Bug Without A Name, rated PG-13.

The so-called "Spellblade" was an incredibly close second and the Retann Alchemist was a not-so-distant third.

Left and Right Bug Guy are very upset with middle Bug Guy (he knows what he did).

Plastic Production Samples

We've received plastic production-quality miniatures from three out of five of the manufacturers. Manufacturer 3 made both copper and steel molds for the same miniatures; see if you can spot the difference:

Copper (Left) and Steel (Right) Lady Renatas from Manufacturer 3.
Lady Renata from Manufacturer 3 (Left) and Manufacturer 1 (Right); both steel molds.
Copper (Left) and Steel (Right) Capac Rocas from Manufacturer 3.
Capac Rocas from Manufacturer 3 (Left), Manufacturer 1 (Middle) and Manufacturer 2 (Right); all steel molds.

We should have the other two samples soon, as well as new quotes based on the total content of Stormsunder (all stretch goals, etc). Once we have that, we'll weigh our options and pick a pretty one. 

That's all we have for now. Our illustrator has pumped out an unearthly amount of character illustrations of late; we'll see how we can share some in a non-spoiler way. Until then, we'll see you in the Storm. I hear the Unsated have curbside pickup.


First Miniature Samples! Excavation Earth Kickstarter Ending Soon!
5 months ago – Sat, May 02, 2020 at 01:41:06 AM

Hello, folks!

Last update I talked about getting final production miniatures from three different manufacturers (basically, have them make molds for PVC to see what they can do). Well, it’s five now and all should be sending us final PVC samples by the end of the month. Below are the first ones we received, both from the same factory. These are without any changes or optimizations on our part, but it looks like we’re off to a great start. From the outset it was important to us that we get the best possible quality for Stormsunder’s miniatures, so the final product reflected the amazing work from our sculptors.

Makes that Serpentor action figure I had as a kid look like chump.
It takes Capac days to polish all the shiny things on his armor. Days!

This update is more of a check-in than anything else, we’ll be back later in May with a firmer status update, with the Design-a-Hero results, more PVC samples and maybe even a final decision on the manufacturer.

Excavation Earth

In other news, our friends at Mighty Boards have a new Kickstarter campaign running for their upcoming board game, Excavation Earth:

In Excavation Earth, you lead a race of alien explorers on their quest to excavate human artifacts and curate the ultimate art collection. You must manage your drafted hand of cards to unearth artifacts in excavation sites around the world, deploy traders in markets, manipulate market prices to sell at the right time for the highest profit, complete themed sets of artifacts for your collection, and work the black market to grab the elusive perfect artifact.

Mighty Boards has also releasedfree 1-2 player versions of some of their games as Print and Play pdfs, with a 1-2 player PnP version of Excavation Earth coming to backers soon, so you can jump right into the alien action!

Excavation Earth is already funded and unlocking stretch goals as they close in on the final 48 hours of the campaign; head over to the KS page and check it out.

That's it for now, we'll see you in the Storm soon. Probably after all that sand stops flying everywhere.